General Conditions

General Conditions for Tickets sale and Venue admission


1. Under the interpretation as for the application of the present general conditions, the following terms report the exact meaning as listed:

  • Organizer: Federazione Italiana Tennis (FIT), an institution with legal entity in private law, representing with a non-profit intent all the Companies and Sport Associations that supervise and perform tennis, beach tennis, paddle and wheelchair tennis in Italy, and who coordinate the annual sport event known as Internazionali BNL d’Italia;
  • Event: the sport event named Internazionali BNL d’Italia held in Rome at the Foro Italico from May 10 to May 21 2017;
  • Match: a single tennis match that takes place within the competition of the Event;
  • Ticket: the pass, also available in digital format, that grants the access to the Foro Italico, to Courts and Venue, valid for date and session specified on the Ticket;
  • Consumer: a person who properly purchased a Ticket through authorized retailers;
  • Venue: the Foro Italico and park area, located in Rome and defined by the map attached to the present General Conditions, that hosts the Event and grants the access to the Consumer;
  • Courts: tennis courts – Campo Centrale, SuperTennis Arena (or any other designation that could be adopted by the Organizer),Stadio Nicola Pietrangeli and Ground Courts – located within the Venue where Matches will be hold.


2.The present General Conditions, posted to Venue entrances and published online on the Official websites and, regulate Tickets sale and Venue access and complement the general conditions, different from the Organizer, set by authorized retailers.

3. Venue access is strictly allowed for Consumers who will hold a Ticket in order to access Courts and attend Matches. Whether not provided with a Ticket, minors under 6 years old accompanied by an adult Consumer who properly holds a Ticket can have access to Venue and Courts – Campo Centrale and SuperTennis Arena (or any other designation that could be adopted by the Organizer), only for Matches supporting open seating sections, are excepted.

4. A Ticket is the pass valid only for date, Court and seat specified (with the exception for the following clause 6) and listed on it. If not used, the Ticket will not include return or conversion into a Ticket neither valid for a following date or a different Court.

5. The purchase amount of the Ticket is refundable, pre-sale price excluded, by the Organizer only in the event that all Matches scheduled on date and Courts specified on the Ticket do not take place within the Event or can be performed for less than a set. Neither refund or conversion of the Ticket is allowed for Consumers in the event of schedule and Courts changes due to technical, logistic and weather reasons.

6. Under technical and logistic reasons, the Organizer reserves the right, for Consumers who properly hold a Ticket, to assign seat or row valid for the same date and Court and different than specified by the Ticket. In the event that either equal or superior price category assignation is not possible, a refund – intended strictly as the difference between the amount of the purchased Ticket and the amount of the newly assigned Ticket, pre-sale price excluded – will be provided to the Consumer by the Organizer.

7. Whether stolen, lost, wrecked, declined or damaged to an extent of even partial crabbedness, the Ticket will not be refunded or converted. Proper robbery report submission will not be considered valid for the Consumer in order to have a refund or a conversion. Even if properly purchased, uncollected Ticket refund is not provided.

8.The Ticket must be shown every and each time Security Staff request it. In case of providing a stolen, lost, wrecked, declined or damaged Ticket to an extent of even partial crabbedness, the Customer will be guided outside the Venue.

9.The Ticket must be purchased through authorized retailers following the amount as listed below. If purchased through a non-authorized retailer, the Ticket will be considered as void by Security Staff and will not allow the Costumer to access the Venue.

10.The Organizer is the only franchise holder for Event and Matches contents and images. Photo, audio and video shooting of occurring Matches and other performances such as interviews, cultural events and promotional performances within the Venue is only allowed for the Costumer’s personal use. Using photo, audio and video material of the Event for commercial and marketing use or purpose as well as sharing the very same contents on media and digital platforms (i.e. without prior legal written authorization by the Organizer will be therefore forbidden.

11.The Consumer gives her/his consent to be filmed and photographed within the Event and authorizes the using of his/her image and voice for Organizer’s photos, programs, broadcasts and videos for commercial and marketing purpose related to the Event.

12.Setting and placing bets and performing all sorts of deeds for the sole purpose to assist others’ bets within the Venue, both personally or through a third person, is forbidden. Betting is allowed by the Organizer only through authorized subjects placed within the Venue.

13. In order to maintain security and in full compliance with security norms within sport facilities (Law of 24 April, 2003, no. 88) it is forbidden to introduce within the Venue the following items: i)any kind of weapon or object that can be thrown and that could potentially be used as a weapon such as scissors, bullets, long-handled umbrellas, helmets or any other large object; ii) glass objects such as bottles, glasses, mugs, cups, cans or any other breakable object that could potentially be used as a weapon; iii) any kind of flares and fireworks, Bengals, smoke bombs or any other pyrotechnic product; iv) sprays, any kind of substances that could corrode, harm or stain as well as any kind of flammable material; v) alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other narcotic substance; vi) commercial material, with the exception of a prior legal written authorization by the Organizer; vii) banners, posters, flags or any other form of visual support which uses symbols or emblems that may be an incitement or refer to racism, sexism, violence, xenophobia or politcs; viii) any flag or banner that comes with a large pole; nevertheless small flags with flexible poles or plastic sticks (maximum L: 100cm D: 1cm) may be authorized;ix) any kind of large luggage, bag, backpack, stool or folding chair.

14. Without prior legal written authorization by the Organizer it is forbidden to introduce within the Venue the following items:i) cameras or video cameras of any professional type – i.e. any professional camera able to record and reproduce media contents in commercial and marketing quality;ii) any technological device able to share Match’s live score or live media contents such as photos, videos and audios of any of the performances occurring within the Venue – Matches included – through any tv network or broadcast, radio station, website or social network; iii)commercial or promotional material not approved previously.

15.The insertion of any kind of animal within the Venue is not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs for sight-impaired people.

16.With the exception of intentional torts or gross negligence the Organizer declines the penal responsibility, in any degree, for any expense and damage, of any nature, personal and nonpersonal, occurred to the Customer in relation to Tickets sale and alleged Court or/and Match schedule changes, to the failure of perform or to the reassignation of seats or rows. With the exception of intentional torts or gross negligence the Organizer declines the penal responsibility, in any degree, for any expense and damage, of any nature, personal and non-personal, occurred to the Customer during his/her stay within the Venue. The Costumer declares to take full responsibility for his/her own deeds related to chargeable or harming activities to both Organizer or a third party, and exonerate the Organizer from any related responsibility and any legal action by a third party.

17.In addition to abide by the present General Conditions, the Costumer must abide by: i) any instruction given by Police authority, Security Staff, Maintenance and Technical Staff active within the Venue; (ii) safety and security norms set by the Venue regulation. Any violation can lead to Ticket confiscation and removal from the Venue.

18.The Organizer will commit to process Customer personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 to be use solely in the present contracting purpose. Customer personal data processing may be executed by computerized devices designed for information and data storage, management and sharing. In addition to the Organizer Customer personal data may also be processed by N.S.A. Ticketing Services S.r.l. who conducts Ticket sale and management activities. As the processing holder is the Organizer, the Customer will be able to exert his/her own rights under Art.7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 by sending a registered mail (A/R) to: Federazione Italiana Tennis, Stadio Olimpico, Curva Nord, Ingresso 44, Scala G, 00135 – Roma.

19.Under the application of the security norms within sport facilities (Art.1 – sexies of Legislative Decree no. 28/2003, converted under amendment of the Law no. 88/2003 with the integration of Legislative Decree no. 162/2005, converted under amendment of the Law no. 210/2005) non authorized Tickets sale is strictly forbidden. Anyone, who doesn’t represent Tickets sale authorized retailers, selling Tickets within the same area where the Event will be hold or the adjacent parking areas will incur a penalty between€ 2.500,00 (Two thousand five hundred/00 euros) and €10.000,00 ( Ten thousand/00 euros); in the event that the offender sells Tickets under an increased price compared to the original Tickets sold by authorized retailers, the penalty can be increased up to the half of the maximum amount. Toward the offender can be executed also bans and limitations under Art.6, clauses 1 and 2 of Law of 13 December 1989, no. 401 (Access banned up to 5 years toward facilities hosting sporting events)

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